Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bathroom Tile and Painting Photos Ideas

Choose bathroom paint color and Bathroom Tile according to the taste of the individual, his or her emotional state and the feel you would like in your bathroom such as feeling relaxed or revitalized, energized, formal and royal, cozy, casual, creative or artistic. While deciding the color, it is best to keep a color wheel to consult choosing colors for your bath. There are some color basics that help you in choosing the right bath color scheme. Warm colors energize and are invigorating. Cool colors have a calming and soothing effect. Analogous colors or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel will make bath space look serene and relaxing. Complementary colors or colors that are across each other will give creative, artistic and jazzy look to your bathroom.

Bathroom colors schemes with high contrasts such as black and white or white and royal blue make the bath look formal and spotless. Low contrast color combination such as beige and shutter green and mint green and forest green lend a casual look to your bath. Latest trendy bathrooms can change their color according to your mood or the time of day, energizing and invigorating you in the morning and soothing you and helping you to relax before going to bed at night. The fashion in bathroom colors is to create harmonious color palettes, using the principles of color and light therapy, to help you heal and live life at best. There are showers with fiber-optic lights in different colors that can be lit selectively according to the feel you want at the moment, mood lighting in the bathroom and light fixtures that can dim down at night or for relaxing mood but can be very bright when you want them to be can help you have the best bath experience.

Give our bathroom a professional finish by painting it in unique color themes. You may get the inspiration from Nature, art pieces, dresses for a color palette. Even eggshell and pebbles can inspire you for a soft bathroom color palette. If you are choosing a monochromatic color scheme, you can add a visual balance and variety using the accessories in contrasting colors. Choose towels and decorative pieces in a shade lighter or darker than your walls. Do remember that when you are doing makeup in the bathroom vanity area, the colors reflecting in the mirror can fool you eye, whether they are bold or muted. So, you may need to compensate them with other colors for a balanced and natural look.

Colors cast shadows on each other or highlight the contrasting colors. White with beige may look dirtier than white with black. Lilac with blue looks bluer than lilac with white. To balance rectangular or square tiles and countertops, add plants and greenery to your bath to lend asymmetrical and natural beauty and add refreshing accent color to your bath. Tiles on walls and for flooring can also add beautiful colors to your bath. Blue glass tiles recreate the feel of water and sky while earthy green tiles look great for Nature lovers. Use red and other dramatic colors sparingly and with other colors to balance them out for greater effect. They are best used as accessories and towels. However, if you still want to use red in your bathroom vanity area or powder room, choose shades of red wisely such as rose and coral.
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