Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Contemporary Sofa Interior Design

Modern and contemporary living room furniture, contemporary sofa, modern Italian sofa, modern leather sofa set, Italian design sofa, Nattuzzi, modern fabric sofa, contemporary design living room furniture, custom design living room furniture, modern furniture, contemporary furniture Sofa is an inalienable part of the interior of every flat or office. And if you have to decide which sofa to buy, you should take it seriously. At first, you should decide for what function you will use it. It can be used instead of the bed or it can be a place for rest and watching TV. Another important issue is the quality of sofa. The opinion that only Italian furniture is good is wrong. The basis for quality estimation is following parts of the construction – sofa frame, upholstery and stuff. Producers use different materials, and the final sofa price of course depends on it. The main sofa stuff is foam-rubber and spring cartridge. The sofa should be soft and elastic, with different thickness of the surface, so that you’ll feel comfortable on it. Before the purchase, you should know that the stuff in the seat, back and arms should have different firmness. The firmest stuff should, of course, be in the seat. The cheapest stuff variant is the pieces of foam-rubber. But you won’t save money on such sofa, because in few years it will roll over and you’ll have to buy a new one. At least there should be a whole piece of foam-rubber. Such sofa will keep its form for about 4 years. Nowadays polyurethane is sometimes used instead of foam-rubber. It will prolong the term of life, because it stays elastic for a longer time. Sofas are also filled with more expensive and elastic stuff - latex.

The best choice will be the sofa with several stuff layers. Lower layer is made of firm polyurethane, to make the sofa elastic; and the upper layer is made of softer and thinner polyurethane. Such combination creates an additional feeling of comfort. All this is covered with synthetic fiber. It is not typical for cheap models. The most popular fiber is synthipon, but the best one is considered to be hollofiber – it perfectly reestablishes its primary form after deformation and is durable. You should know, that the sofa price increases with the use of synthetic fibers.
Spring cartridges are used for orthopedic reasons (the spine burden is minimal). The quantity of spring cartridges on one square meter can considerably differ. It will affect not only the level of comfort, but the total cost. The quality of springs is also very important. It will be difficult to change them in case of the breakage. So sometimes it is better to buy a sofa only with qualitative polyurethane or latex filling stuff without springs.
It is recommended to buy a sofa with an upholstery zipper. This trifle allows not only to see the inside stuff, but also to change the old upholstery.
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