Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Living Room Lighting Photos Idea

In interior design, a focal point is important in every room. It could be a large window or painting or an interesting art piece. In your living room, arrange your furniture around a focal point. Put your biggest piece of furniture first (like the sofa) then continue with the smaller pieces of furniture down to your accent pieces. Your living room is what creates the first impression for visitors to your home. It reflects your personality as much as it creates a welcoming environment. So you need to decide on the theme, and look and feel of the room. Should it be casual and colorful? Or glitzy and glamorous? Should it be traditional or contemporary? What best reflects your personality? Choose your furniture and color scheme according to the theme you want. Select your accessories to add highlights. Combine prints and plains for curtains and upholstery. Add a touch of warmth with rugs and cushions. Use lighting to create the right mood. Then give a finishing touch with potted plants and flower arrangements.

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