Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interior Design Bamboo style

You want to focus on items that are non-toxic and won’t pollute the environment as well as ones that are manufactured with environmentally friendly methods. In addition to eco-friendly appliances, sustainable flooring and nonpolluting cabinets there are some other green interior design things that you should consider for your kitchen. While it’s great to be sure that you are putting in eco-friendly materials for your major elements, what about some of the other things that you add to the interior to embellish your decor?

One thing you might consider for your is bamboo. Now, I mean actual bamboo not the fake stuff that looks like bamboo - you want to choose furniture that is made from bamboo which is grown on eco-friendly plantation’s. Bamboo grows pretty quickly so harvesting it to make furniture has a minimal impact on the environment because new bamboo can be planted to quickly replace what has been cut down. Not only that, but it is durable, water resistant and anti-microbial.

If you’re using fabric for seating as well as your window treatments you want to consider organic cotton. These days you can get it in plenty of gorgeous colors, prints and designs so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for your green kitchen design.
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