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Atoll Sofa Wall Bed

Challenged by space but still need to fit in the necessities? More and more sofa wall bed systems like the "Atoll" are making their way into the high rise living spaces of our large cities that rely on smaller vertical living. The Atoll features a queen bed that attaches to 28 inches of shelving with a sofa that extends the length of the entire unit with additional storage under the sofa seat. A simple pull lowers the bed and the shelf becomes the foot board without the need to unload the shelf first. Designers Giulio Manzoni / Pierluigi Colombo

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Antique Doors Repurposed

It always fascinates me when craftsmen can take a portion of antique wood and marry it to new wood seamlessly........the results are an amazing reproduction to fit all needs. In this case, to house a flat screen television to lift out of a credenza, or hide behind armoire doors.

While antiques are always preferred in my design world, there are often times when a custom made piece is more appropriate to the scale or room feel............we're making two new credenzas to house a 64" and another for a 42" flat screen HD tv's......pics on those when they are finished!

These antique doors will be the front of a newly-designed cabinet at some point....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Amish Furniture Photos

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 Best Amish furniture
 Amish furniture pictures

Sunday, March 14, 2010


A small powder room in all white with a chrome and marble washstand sink features a colorful green tile floor. (above)

No rhyme, no reason, no theme, no scheme, no purpose...just some random baths, sinks, tubs and tiles I am liking right now.

Keeping it simple works in this baths scene...with a wash basin sink, subway tiles on the wall, simple chrome sconces with shades and a classic marble basket weave mosaic on the floor. (above)

Need to add visual interest to a bathroom wall? Grey marble mosaic rectangular tiles in tumbled and honed finishes are laid in a vertical pattern on the wall creating a fab striped effect and could do the trick! (above)

A sleek silver and stainless bathroom! (above)

Decorative molding is used on the walls of this white bath adding the perfect classic touch. (above)

A very modern egg shaped freestanding tub is the ultimate in zen and serene elegance. (above)

The almost country paneled white wood wall, the modern floating wall mounted vanity and the classic white clawfoot tub makes this tiny little bathroom the ultimate in eclectic! (above)

A trumeau style mirror and a curved marble slab that is used for shower screen make this light and simple bath feel very French. (above)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Bath 1: A pedestal sink, authentic subway tiles and a white porcelain mosaic tile floor with a black chain link border all come together to make this a bath a timeless classic. (above)

Labor Day was a good day for me! I say that because on this Labor Day...I did absolutely no work but ended up with a design treasure trove of photos...all thanks to CJ...a Blackberry...and fab architect Kevin Oreck.

Here's what happened...was out with movie producer friend CJ (I mention the movie producer part not to be "tres Hollywood" but because I think the producing skill set of making things happen are very relevant to this story). After I whined that I had run out of bathrooms for BATH WEEK on COCOCOZY, CJ seemed somewhat alarmed (an interior design blog person who had run out of interior design ideas/resources? hmmm...). All of a sudden, in the middle of a social afternoon, thanks to my effective whining and the pathetic look of desperation and hopelessness on my face, the producer in CJ came out; this creative problem solver's instincts kicked in (thank goodness)! Before I knew it, CJ whipped out a Blackberry and was explaining my plight (or non life threatening need for photos) to an architect friend. In a split second thereafter, I was talking to Los Angeles architect Kevin Oreck who was saying he would send me photos the next day. The next day Kevin sent me photos.


So, for your viewing pleasure and without an ounce of effort from me, here are five well designed baths and an introduction to another great architect, Kevin Oreck! Covering the range of the style spectrum from classic to modern...these rooms illustrate tasteful bath design.

Bath 1: A white subway tile nook holds the bathroom's drop in tub. (above)

Bath 2: Modern and tradition are successfully combined in this bath with blue mosaic tiles, a dark walnut stained vanity with marble counters and a white tile floor laid in a brick pattern. (above)

Bath 3: This modern bath with a counter to ceiling mosaic backsplash feels earthy, natural and spa-like to me! (above)

Bath 4: In a classic bathroom, two pedestal sinks are positioned under windows and elegantly flank a tall built in bathroom cabinet. (above)

Bath 4: The all white bathroom gets a pop of design and style with black tile borders and trim on the floor and along the chair rail. (above)

Bath 5: A perfectly cute bath features a vaulted white wood plank ceiling, capiz shell round "lotus" chandelier, a light blue wall color and a chic hexagon marble mosaic tile floor. (above)
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