Wednesday, March 10, 2010


AM and JE's colorful nursery for their little baby girl features a well coordinated and stylish array of prints and florals. (above)

This is the nursery that best of friend AM designed in her New York City Soho loft for her little baby girl. AM lives with her very sweet husband JE, their cute son JE Jr. (he is actually JE III but it is easier for me to refer to him as Jr.) and their beautiful 4 month old daughter LE in a very posh well styled home filled with design surprises and lots of color...or should I say pink.

AM loves pink and whenever she gets the opportunity to use it in home decor...she does so in a bold and chic way. So it is perfect that her second child is a baby AM the license and freedom to think even more pink!

So this is little baby LE's cute room - a cheery nursery custom made with love and with just the right amount of pink for a little girl.

The key design element to this room are the textiles - bright and bold florals and botanicals mixed with some more traditional prints all make for a delightful mix of texture and color. Regal black and white brocade Roman shades, a lovely fresh pink and white floral on pillows and baby bedding, and a modern black and white floral on custom accessories and bedding all blend to make a unique and well designed space for a baby. true AM fashion, I have no details on the fabrics in the room...another mystery post. Today, when I asked AM about where she got the textiles, she said "I told you already, they are Kravet fabrics." Little does AM remember, that about three weeks ago when I asked her about the textiles in the room she said, "I got them at Duralee. I ordered them from there." And to add to the confusion, I'm sure that she doesn't remember telling me four months ago, just before LE was born, that she ordered the fabrics from "some British company online. I'll tell you the exact name of it later. I can't talk. I am at Starbucks right now.". Hence this is another AM DECO Unsolved Mystery. If any of you, or AM herself, has any ideas on the specific names or origins of all of the beautiful prints and fabrics in this room, please do share. Thank you very much.

Fabric sourcing aside, here are some pictures of a wonderfully whimsical AND sophisticated baby nursery as designed by AM in today's AM DECO:

Even the hallway outside the nursery is decorated! Dark grey medallion brocade wall stickers (or wall decals), a luxe cowhide rug, a bright hot pink glass cabinet and of course AM's silver pig (an exact match to my own silver piggy) all make for a stylish entry into the nursery.(above)

French doors lead into the nursery in this NYC loft. The doors serve a dual purpose allowing for both privacy and also for light to flow throughout the New York apartment (above)

To match the room's decor, AM painted a book shelf a bright pink. (above)

AM had custom fabric storage boxes made for the shelf - a great solution for making open shelving functional and good looking. (above)

Two different prints of fabric are used for the roman shades that cover the glass doors in this room. (above)

The pink, orange and white Union Jack pattern in Jonathan Adler's British Flag pillows add a bit of fun and whimsy to the black, white and pink bedding on the daybed in the nursery. (above)

A small all white adorable wooden crib - bloom's Alma crib - came from a wonderful children's store called tottini owned by AM's sister-in-law MM.(above)

A stuffed animal - a cute white cow - sits comfortably on a comfy pink and white floral floor pillow. Notice the fab custom storage boxes above the cow...AM simply found some small boxes and covered them in some chic wrapping paper so that they blended with the color scheme and design style of the room. (above)

Black and white Asian inspired floral fabric AM loved is stretched over square canvas frames to create custom looking art for the space. (above)

Did I mention that this room did not exist before last fall? AM and JE acutally had a wall built in their New York City loft apartment to create the space that would be their daughter's room. Also, couldn't really show you, but this apartment has GREAT high ceilings too. (above)

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