Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A range by Wolf, a custom-made hood, and a black subway tile backsplash all compliment the style statement making black, white and grey prism pattern mosaic floor.(above)

Okay, I am obsessed with interesting mosaic tile floors. I do not have any interesting mosaic tile floors in my tiny home so that is probably why I am obsessed with interesting mosaic tile floors. I wonder...if I ever had an interesting mosaic tile floor whether I would still be obsessed with interesting mosaic tile floors? Hmmmm....huh...hmmmm. Again, more non-dilemma dilemmas Cococozy style...realize though the cultural relevance of these musings is equal to zero...but can't help the way my mind wanders...stars, bubbles, exclamation points, asterisks, question mark, open parentheses...lah dee dah...toot toot...bling bling...dah dah dah...ooohhh...hee hee...haha...ding dong...niddle diddle...hoo hoo (the preceding was an actual log of 10 seconds of my thoughts...fascinating right?)


In line with my obsession with interesting mosaic tile floors, I do indeed like the floor pictured in this Hamptons home's kitchen (above and below); imagined and fashioned by interior designer Steven Gambrel. It is this chic prism patterned black, white and grey mosaic tile laid across the floor that makes the biggest style statement in this cooking and eating space.

Outdoor benches flank a 19th-century Belgian oak table in this Steven Gambrel designed kitchen; ceiling light fixtures are by Visual Comfort and pendant lights above table are from John Derian Co. (above)

I'd like to point out that the Elle Decor article says these mosaic tiles are French and concrete...I found a similar obsession worthy marble mosaic at Waterworks in Los Angeles...so one would not have to go all the way to France to get the same look. I also found a whole wall of interesting stone mosaic tiles that could be used on floors. (see below)

I guess my hope here is that more of us will be design adventuresome with fantastic interesting mosaic tile floors.

Marble mosaic prism patterned tile from the Waterworks store in West Hollywood that I found last summer! (above)

A wall of interesing marble mosaic tile patterns! (above and below)

What do you think of these daring patterns for floors?
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