Friday, April 30, 2010

Modern Cat Furniture

This furniture equipped with cushions, colorful machine washable and suitable for tumble drying. If you are interested in modern cat furniture, or even want to buy a cat bed Rondo then you can visit the and find all necessary information. Rondo fits as comfortably as an act of rest and can be used even for very large and heavy cat. This cat bed can be covered by leather, wicker goods, felt and crochet. All of them look very good and can even decorate a room’s interior design. The most interesting collection is named Rondo and consists of a good cat beds are available in wall mounted and free-standing version. The second type is more practical because it can be moved and do not need to damage the wall. For people who have cats and want to make their life very pleasant designer Christel & Otto Meyer offers modern furniture cat adapt to all styles of interior design.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design Your Staircase & Decorating Ideas

Set your home a-bloom with flowery inspirations from the Deko Collection by Cast. By inserting top-quality Kvadrat design fabric between plates of stratified tempered glass, Cast has created a staircase that gives the impression of an ascending or descending garden with every step you take. By harnessing the original aesthetics of the staircase, the Deko Collection gives a new stylistic interpretation of space to living areas. These delicate bouquets aren’t limited to staircases – Cast also offers these verdant designs in pictures, decor and other delightful ideas that will brighten any home. Also available are matching accessories such as limited edition glass fiber vases and chairs adorned with delicate, hand-crafted embellishments.

Amazing Interior Penthouse

This duplex penthouse has an amazing corner position with dramatic diagonal views of the San Francisco’s downtown. These views are framed in discontinuous groupings of conventional double hung windows within openings that are painted in grey and blue colors. These openings visually blends with the actual skyline very well. There are two living
zones in the duplex. A darker inner one, lined with natural materials – walnut paneling and banquettes upholstered in deep blue mohair – defines the entry, stairwell and second floor pool/guest room. A bright outer zone, lit by windows, defines the double height corner living/media room and kitchen/dining area on the first floor and the master bedroom suite above. It’s contrasting neutral palette of white and grey synthetic materials – concrete, fritted-glass, and stainless and powdercoated steel – focuses attention on the “sky zone” that frames city views.

Rock-n-Roll Furniture

Two very creative young Italian designers have launched a new brand – Rocket. They’ve already created several cool products, which could be very interested for those people who like unusual things and don’t afraid to experiment with their interior designs. This collection especially fits for music and retro style fans. All items are inspired by different elements of rock-n-roll and disco culture. For example you could decorate your room by the awesome coffee table made in shape of one of the main symbols of freedom and independence – guitar. There are also cool bookshelves, cloth hangers and trays available. All of them could enrich any modern room design and create an amazing and original ambience.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creative Modern Kitchen

What inspires a creative meal? Creative kitchen designs, of course! And they don’t come much more creative then these cool kitchens by Lago. An explosion of bright, cheerful colors, countertops and cabinets expressed in array of hues. Sleek, cool lines
and modular design define these kitchens, offering lots of storage solutions in the form of pullout draws, cabinets and pantries. Balanced on clear inserts or mounted on the wall, these designs give the impression that they are hovering off the floor. To ensure it becomes the most used room in the house, these kitchens allow you and the family not just to cook and eat, but work on the computer, or keep the cook company at the fashionable breakfast bar.

modern kitchen image

Heart Themed Girls Bedroom

Almost all elements of this furniture is enriched by the liver and some of them even made in the shape of heart. With furniture like that you can create a stunning room designs awesome girl by the gentleness and beauty. More information about this heart-themed bedroom. This collection consists of a bed with a high arched headboards, clothing, sideboards, desks and
other furnishings that could be useful in children’s rooms. The bed is equipped with a beautiful bedspread and cushions of various sizes and shapes. One of the most beautiful theme for the girl’s bedroom is the heart. different items with a good heart can become an attractive decor of any girl’s room. If you also think so then you might want a new collection by Italian company Batticore Junior Halley.

girls bedroom window treatment
 Girls Bedroom
deluxe girls bedroom
Girls Bedroom and Living room
girl bedroom
girls bedroom furniture
girls bedroom theme

Monday, April 12, 2010

Apartment Interior Decoration

This apartment is designed with the Baltic Sea in mind. It’s located in Kaliningrad, Russia so this sea is really near by. The apartment consists of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen with a dining area, a bathroom and a entrance hall. Every room has something that give you feeling that you live on the coast. For example, the living room has large photo print on the wall that shows sand
dunes of a beach. The lighting around the room has three modes: white, blue and green. There are also a lot of metal accessories carefully placed around the room that help to imitiate a water surface under the sun. The bathroom has illuminated panel with the picture of the sea. Besides that the path to the sink there is done with mosaic tiles made of pebbles. The tiles supports the theme of the sea and have a massage effect. The kitchen, the dining area and the entrance hall are done in colors that reminds the early Baltic autumn.

Black & White Kitchen Designs

Among the models of this collection you could find many interesting solutions as for modern as for classic kitchens. Although we’d like to pay your attention on the amazing modern kitchen designs made in the trendy black and white color scheme. All of them have the features of minimalism and charm by the perfect play of the contrasting colors. These black and white kitchens look very interesting and could decorate any home, but the most awesome one is the mk 080 CANAPE. This model stands out by a creative kitchen island which combines the work space, the table to have a breakfast and even the lounge zone. These three parts are in perfect harmony with each other and provide comfortable cooking and relaxing. You could find the further information about these modern black and white kitchen designs and other models from the new collection on KicheConcept.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whirlpool Bathtubs

whirlpool bath tub stress relief Whirlpool bathtubs are often associated with luxury, comfort, and living the high life. There is no escaping the fact that a quintessential centerpiece of modern luxury bathrooms features a whirlpool tub. Besides creating a feel of luxury, many people are unaware of the psychological benefits of whirlpool tubs. Chances are that your days are full of many stresses – fighting traffic to and from work everyday, a disagreement with a coworker, or argument with a loved one. Recent figures from the American Psychological Association report that almost one-third of Americans are coping with extreme levels of daily stress – and nearly half of all Americans believe that their stress has increased over the past five years. Over time, living with these debilitating levels of stress cause strain on the physical body and internal health. How relaxing would it be to take a nightly dip in your brand new whirlpool bathtub and practically watch your stress melt away?

There is a reason that whirlpool tubs are modern staples in spas across the country. One of the health benefits of taking a dip in a whirlpool bath tub is alleviating stress relief. Many happy owners of whirlpool baths note that the churning motion of the water from the jets embedded in the sides of the tub produces a rhythmic sound and sensation. Additionally, some whirlpool bathtubs feature massaging jets designed to relieve tension in the muscles. As we go through our daily lives, many people do not mentally register how much stress is carried in our muscles, causing them to resemble tight knots. Even these unnoticed constant tightness in the muscles are a result of undue stress. There are many models of whirlpool bathtubs on the market that contain jets that target large muscles in the back, neck, or sides.

Information about Bathtubs

If you are looking for a new bathtub to put in your bathroom, you may find that it is not a cheap endeavor. When times are tough, we often have a lot less to put into our home improvement projects, but we want to make our homes as nice as possible since it's not a good time to sell a house and move to another upgraded one. So where can you find the best deals on a quality bathtub? Sometimes when we think of shopping for discount bathtubs, we think we may get one of inferior quality or that it will be "cheap". Of course, that defeats the purpose of a home improvement project if we install cheap or low-grade fixtures!

You will want to decide what style of bathtub you want to go with, before you go shopping for your new fixture. You can get a classic or modern bathtub, depending on what d├ęcor style you want to utilize in your bathroom makeover. Of course, if you have an elderly parent or relative in your home, you may want to consider installing a walk-in bathtub for your project, because sooner or later we all need a little help! Walk-in tubs are great for our elderly or physically disabled loved ones, because these tubs allow them to maintain their independence in the simple everyday task of bathing. No matter which style you choose, the fact is that you can find discount bathtubs that don't scrimp on quality for that low price.

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