Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden Furniture

There is a renewed interest in outdoor garden furniture as more and more of us are beginning to realise the many advantages of living a more outdoors life. Cheap garden furniture is now in plentiful supply from a myriad of different sources meaning that we can get cheap garden decor for our outside lifestyle.

When looking for outdoor garden furniture there are a few things we should bear in mind. We want it to last and weather well so let's take a look at what garden furniture for outside to choose:
Cheap Outdoor Garden Furniture

If we decide to purchase cheap garden furniture then probably our best bet is for plastic furniture. Plastic outdoor furniture is by far the lowest in price. We can purchase very god quality plastic outdoor furniture that will last for a lifetime.

The problem with plastic furniture for outside is the fact that is simply does not have the aesthetic qualities of wooden outdoor garden furniture. For those on a more restricted budget though it is the perfect choice. Plastic outside furniture has come a long way in recent years and there is much better quality and better designed plastic outdoor garden furniture now available.

You only have to search the many online gardening stores to realise that you are not simply stuck with the traditional plain plastic garden chairs and the usual cheap plastic garden tables. If you want something that will last a lifetime in the garden then plastic outdoor furniture is probably a good choice.
Quality Outdoor Garden Furniture

If we want high quality outdoor garden furniture then we have a number of choices. We can break this down in to a number of subsections to consider. Depending on the climate and the weather conditions some outdoor furniture for gardens is better suited than others. There is one overriding garden decor that is by far the most popular and that is:
Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture

If we want really high quality outdoor garden furniture then teak garden furniture is an extremely popular choice. It is extremely durable and hard wearing and will last for an extremely long time. Teak furniture for the garden can be purchased for surprisingly low prices and is the choice for anyone with a reasonable budget.

Teak outdoor furniture for the garden can be purchased in a dining room style set comprising outdoor teak chairs and outdoors teak tables that can really enhance both the look and feel of any garden. If the teak outdoor furniture is cared for well then it will last and last and is a very good choice if you wish to have a very high quality wooden outdoor furniture.

What other outdoor garden furniture is suitable?
Wooden Outdoor Garden Furniture

Of course teak outdoor table chairs and benches are the main choice for many but they can be expensive compared to lower quality wooden furniture for the garden. Just because we cannot afford teak it does not mean that we cannot get good quality wooden furniture for outside on a reasonable budget.

Hardwood Garden Furniture

Any hardwood furniture for the garden is going to last a long time. If it is properly cared for then it can last for a lifetime. A simple oiling of the wood goes a long way to preventing the worst of the weather from impacting on it.

Hardwood outdoor garden furniture can be purchased for tables, benches, chairs and any number of side tables or decorative items. If you cannot afford teak garden tables and chairs then you may still be able to get good quality hardwood furniture at a reasonable price.

Softwood Outdoor Garden Furniture

Although softwood may not be as high a quality as hardwood it can last surprising well if you make a good purchase. Softwoods like pine come in many different grades and if you choose a pine outdoor garden furniture source that uses slow growingpine then it can be very durable. If the tree has grown slowly then it is much more dense and hard wearing than a fast growing alternative.

By caring for it well we can have many years of pleasure from our softwood outdoor garden tables and chairs. Before we get on to care tips for outdoor garden furniturelets take a look at the other most popular choice for furniture for outside.
Wicker Outdoor Garden Furniture

Wicker tables, chairs, benches and recliners have seen a massive surge in popularity over recent years. With much better quality being supplied the lifetime of wicker garden furniture has increased dramatically. Suited to many climates it will last a long time with a little care.

Choose wicker outdoor furniture that is tight weaved and made of good quality materials. It should be cared for well and will result in a very long lifespan. Outdoor furniture for the garden made from wicker is a slightly more expensive option than low quality wooden furniture but not as expensive as the high quality teak alternative.

Wicker outdoor tables and chairs can really give a boost to the feel of any outdoor space and adds a nice touch of class to an otherwise dreary space.
Caring for Outdoor Garden Furniture

If you want your garden furniture to last as long as possible then here are a few tips to ensure that you get the absolute best from what you purchased:

* If possible bring the furniture inside out of the elements if it will not be in use for some time.
* Store it in a dry and not too humid place.
* If you have no inside space for storage then invest in some heavy duty plastic covers to keep the elements off.
* For all wooden outdoor furniture ensure that it is well oiled at the beginning and the end of the season. It will last many years longer if you treat it with respect and keep the wood well oiled.
* Wicker outdoor garden furniture should be wiped regularly with a soapy damp cloth and then buffed dry. You do not want molds to form and using a tiny addition of bleach will keep it in goodcondition.

If you are interested in enhancing the look of your outdoor space I hope this has inspired you. There are many different styles and qualities of outdoor garden furniture to choose from. Simply purchase the best quality that your budget allows for.
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