Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Patio Furniture Review

If your patio sits empty and neglected, why not transform this unused space into a place to entertain guests and relax with your family? You can extend your living space into the yard by choosing one of the many wonderful patio furniture ideas that are available. Currently, one of the most popular patio furniture ideas is to furnish your patio with timeless teak pieces. Teak furniture may be a bit more expensive than furniture made with other types of wood, but is a good value in the long run, since it wears well. Because teak is a classic furniture type with simple lines, it looks wonderful with almost any theme, from nautical to floral. You can choose from teak loungers, chairs, picnic tables, benches, and side tables. If you just can't afford the expense of teak furniture, you may want to consider cedar, which is a less pricey type of wood patio furniture. Although cedar furniture may not last quite as long as teak pieces, it can easily last twenty or more years if you maintain it properly. For the truly budget conscious individual, gliders, Adirondack chairs, tables, and benches made with pressure treated wood are the best choice. This patio furniture may look a little bland in its natural greenish tan state, but a coat of paint in a bold and vibrant color can turn one of these pieces into a striking conversation piece. Decorating your patio with airy wicker pieces is another of the more popular patio furniture ideas. Why not furnish your patio with crisp white wicker chairs and a comfortable sun lounger? Wicker does need regular maintenance to help it last longer, but as long as you care for it properly, your furniture should hold up well for at least ten to fifteen years. Sun loungers, gliders, chairs, rockers, and swings are all readily available pieces. If the feel of wicker furnishings isn't right for you, you may want to take a look at the bolder rattan patio furnishings. Oversize rattan chairs, big tables, and sturdy sun loungers all help turn any patio into a comfortable masculine retreat. If these other patio furniture ideas aren't right for you, you may want to take a look at metal furniture. It is no wonder that wrought iron furnishings have been the choice of avid gardeners for centuries. These pieces blend well with their surroundings and look even more beautiful as they age. If you are concerned that wrought iron furniture will be cold and uncomfortable, you will be surprised at how comfortable it actually is. After all, iron chairs, sun loungers, and gliders are almost always covered with overstuffed cushions. You can choose to let your furniture age naturally or you can opt to keep it freshly painted. Finally, you may want to take a look at resin patio furniture. This versatile material can be easily molded to look just like wicker or iron pieces. However, resin is more durable than wicker and more lightweight than iron. Once you decide which of the many available patio furniture ideas is the right one for you, you can finally put that wasted space to good use.

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