Thursday, December 16, 2010

Water Fountains - History Of Water Fountains

For every human being- water portrays a vital role for its existence and survival. Man can not exist exclusive of water in view of the fact that earth itself is made up of more water than land. Thats why; man has for eternity given grand reverence to water and even treated it as God. Even when we look back at the early times, majority of civilizations have been shaped in places where there was great quantity of water accessible for farming and cultivation, irrigation, drinking and bathing. Loads of battles have been fought and clashes arise even today over dissection of rivers and other water resources amid states and countries.
Hence, water is of great significance and no wonder why man uses it in its everyday activity no matter how grand or simple it is. Further than the indispensable uses of water in aspects like agriculture, water was used for adornment in the form of fountains. Historians draw attention that water fountains instigated in the ancient Middle East region, in particular in Egypt where gardens were found to be ornamented with water fountains. Roman and Persian cultures also included water fountains as part of their culture. The Mughals, who ruled in India had built many architectural wonders such as the Taj Mahal, and their gardens which were always bejeweled with flourishing and abundant trees and fountains. Mughal women are inclined to stay indoors most of the day and that's why these gardens and fountains were a basis of relaxation and leisure for them.
Fountains have always been an essential element of existence in the Far East countries akin to China, Japan etc where water is regarded as a form of energy in Feng shui.
In numerous countries, fountains have been the heart of social life. This would mean that people would draw together around them, while gathering water for drinking, cooking and bathing and many a romance, friendship and political schemes and plots are said to have risen from there.
In the beginning, Mother Nature has created many fountains with the natural flow of water due to gravity, commencing from the higher surfaces to lower surfaces. The geysers, which are found in national parks and waterfalls, are illustrations of nature created fountains. Soon after, with the discovery and development of hydraulic apparatus and gears, artificial water fountains were built. In the early days, the fountains were simple in design, with its main purpose of supplying water for everyday living. Afterward, they were also ornamented and adorned with statues, sculptures and figurines.
Up to date fountains have become more highly developed and sophisticated for they now offer musical fountains, fountains with colored lights and animated fountains and are used more like a showpiece. The Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas are a work of art in artificial fountains and never fail to captivate and charm the people.
Marble Water Fountains
Marble Water Fountains
Marble Water Fountains
In the present day, we notice that a lot of water fountains are being used basically all over the places from shopping complexes to hospitals, to business establishments and parks.Not only do they improve and boost the furnishings of the building, but they also bring relaxation and untainted delight to people.
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